How Important Is Personal Branding?

A few days ago I did a consult with a private client who asked me a question you’ve probably got swimming in your head right now with . . .

All the excitement about the concept of attraction marketing:

“What should I be focusing on in my business right now, building my brand or building my downline?”

This is a point of confusion for many, so let me share a little bit of insight on this exact question, which, once digested, will bring clarity to exactly what you should be doing to drive the bottom line in your home business online, but first . . .

A quick definition: What does “Attraction Marketing” really mean?

Attraction marketing, as a concept, is interesting, genius, and misunderstood. At its base level, it espouses an almost magically enticing appeal – “how great would that be if I could just attract people that asked me proactively if I would do them the honor of letting them join my business? Yeah … I want to learn how to do that!”
For that, it’s genius, but the major misconception about all this is to HOW this “magical attraction”” occurs. To many, it means – “Go brand yourself. Be bigger than life. Be the vision of what my prospects want and like magic, they will appear,” but … The truth of the matter is, all that “attraction marketing” is, is online direct response marketing.

***Direct response marketing is the art of finding the people most likely to say yes to what you have to offer, then letting them know that you have what they want, and finally offering it to them in an irresistible way.

This process is driven by logical questions that anyone can ask, find answers to, and reap the rewards of.

But …

At its basal level it’s not about “brand building” and that’s what causes the confusion. Let’s look at the questions we all should be asking so you can answer them silently to yourself as I go on:

– Who is my ideal prospect?

– What is their biggest nagging, embracing, and painful problem?

– Where do they hang out?

– Can I get in front of them in a cost effective way?

– How large and how rabid is the community?

– What can I offer that’s slightly different and better than the pack?

Now, you go about answering those questions, planning your course of action to find your ideal prospects, lure them in with exactly what they’re salivating for, carry on a conversation to identify with them in their vernacular, offer them your solution, and a profitable business you shall have.

But … Why do I go through all that?

Because without understanding the true definition of attraction marketing, addressing the question of “To Brand Or Build?” that we started with would lack depth and understanding. Attraction marketing is more about, finding, communicating, and offering, than it is about simply “being” something “attractive” and waiting for the powerful magnetic force to drive results. In other words, it’s totally action oriented in nature.

The person who concerns themselves with building their personal brand at the inception of their business, is in my opinion, wasting a good deal of time.

Yet, this time, if used properly, could easily be converted into money and recruits.

Now I know what you “might” be thinking. . . “Rodney, where do you get off? Don’t your brand yourself on your blog & social media?” Yes! I do, but what most miss is . . . I’m not doing it in any way, shape, or form to build a brand – it’s purely for my own entertainment purposes. For the home business entrepreneur struggling with this question of “to build or brand” – I offer you the following solution. Simply do both.

Here’s how . . .

Start by mentally thinking about what of VALUE you want to provide to your target market – for me, it was being able to teach people how to recruit without picking up the phone. Get to work on creating the expertise and results for the area of value you ultimately want to share, and …

As you make new breakthroughs and discoveries, share them. When you’re good enough, put together an entire “best practices guide.” A beginners course for the person struggling in that area you’re now mastering. Offer your insights in that guide:

– Your foundational philosophical marketing principles for success

– What NOT to do

– What to do

– A step by step implementation process for realizing results from your material

– A barometer for how to know when they’re on the right track

And finally . . .

– How to translate those first success into bigger ones.

Once you’ve done that, your brand is your expertise, you’re profiting by your expertise, and no doubt … People will come “a knocking” for how to work closer with you. Don’t build the brand, build the skill, share the knowledge, and the natural by-product will be your brand…


To Your Success,

Rodney Stokes

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