How To Create A High Converting Capture Page

How To Create Capture Pages

Capture pages are technically door-way pages. They take visitors from one page to the next, capturing their information in the process.

Most newbie marketers use one capture page for everything. They use one capture page for every ad they place. The reason being is that they don’t quite understand the fundamental role capture pages play in the world of marketing.

Capture pages should simply be extensions of ads.

Ads only need to draw attention, build curiosity and ultimately get clicks, nothing else. Ads don’t make money and they shouldn’t convince people to buy your stuff. When visitors click an ad, they should be taken to a capture page that is essentially a more in depth ad.

Capture pages should be natural extensions of the ads before them. They shouldn’t reveal exactly what’s on the other side of the page and they definitely shouldn’t reveal what you’re selling. They should give visitors a small taste of what’s to come, a mere glimpse.

A glimpse of what’s to come after they enter their name and email address.


The Structure Of A Capture Page:

The Headline

A good capture page headline should peak curiosity and interest. The headline should be more or less the same as the headline you used in your ad, just more detailed. With most ads you have very little space to work with. Make use of the unlimited space you have on your own capture pages.


Every capture page needs one core piece of content. The content should be either a video or brief paragraph. From personal experience videos convert a lot higher than actual words. In your content; reveal two to three key insights into the product/service you’re selling on the other side of the capture page.

To create an ultra high converting video, make sure it has clear audio and high quality visuals. As soon as a visitor hits the play button, you have about 10 seconds before they lose interest. You need to understand exactly what your audience desires. Their desired result. Your video must show them results, and quickly.

Display real life results i.e. proof of what you have works. Do that and you’ll have a high converting capture page. Relate to your audience in the video and validate yourself to them, gain their trust.

Capture page videos must be energetic. They need to draw people in, be social, interesting and peak visitor curiosity. Whatever you do; don’t record a 30 minute long video. One to four minutes works best. Any longer and you’ll lose interest.

One last thing; capture page videos should have a strong call to action towards the very end. Literally tell them to fill out the form and go to the next page to get started.


Personally I rarely use freebies. With that being said…

…freebies play a very specific roll and should only be used to capture leads in certain places. Freebies should be used for cold traffic i.e. blog traffic. This blog here for example, I have a generic freebie product that I give to all opt-ins.

The reason being is that it would be near impossible to create a perfect capture page for the 1500-2000+ people that visit my blog each day. The visitors aren’t laser targeted, they are free and land on my blog from countless traffic sources.

The other situations in which freebies are effective are when doing solo ads. Solo ads are where you pay another marketer to mail his/her subscribers sending them to your capture page.

Freebies work well in both situations.

However when doing paid marketing, capture pages are more effective as door way pages. To capture information and then send leads off to the next page.

The next page is where you really want them to go. (sales page, webinar registration, whatever you want)

Bullet Points

Every high converting capture page should have a row of bullets.

Bullet points need to be short, concise and snappy. Bullets should highlight the key elements of whatever it is you’re revealing, the key elements you talked about in the video. When using video, the bullets should effectively sum up the the video.

Bullet points should tease. Tease your visitors about what’s to come on the next page. Give them a slice of information, just enough so that they feel obligated to opt-in.


To Your Success,

Rodney Stokes

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