The 5 Best WordPress Plugins For Generating Traffic!

Wordpress PluginsIf you’re running a WordPress blog, I’m sure you know how tough it can be to generate traffic. Well, traffic generation is pretty easy. BUT – if you want to generate crap loads of traffic, you need to take advantage of every resource available to you. As I’m sure you know, WordPress plugins can enhance your blog in numerous ways. There are WordPress plugins for everything, but what’s more important than traffic?

Sure… Plugins that help organize your content or make your site load faster are great and all, but at the end of the day we want to get more traffic. Iv’e tried and tested probably hundreds of plugins and I’ve got rid of at least 90% of them. Anyway I know which ones work and which ones can increase your blog’s traffic. Here they are:

1. Facebook Social Plugin

This is one of those plugins almost every good blog has. It gives you a like box widget you can install anywhere on your blog. It allows visitors to like your Facebook Fan Page straight from your blog. Take a look at my like box in the sidebar, over 35,000 likes.  A lot of those come straight from people liking via my like box on my blog. To use this plugin you need a Fan page obviously and if you don’t have one, create one! They are practically mandatory if you’re trying to build any form of business online. Ever since I installed the Social Plugin like box, my Fan Page’s likes have sky-rocketed. The more fans I get, the more traffic my blog receives.

2. Facebook Comments For WordPress

Facebook Commenting

As a blogger you should know how important comments are. If your posts aren’t getting any comments then it means you’ve got no real community of followers. This plugin basically installs a little Facebook commenting widget below all of your posts. It gives visitors more than 1 option to leave a comment. Besides increasing the amount of commenting, it also drives traffic with the cool “post to Facebook” option. The post to Facebook feature allows visitors to share their comment on their Facebook wall. Getting on someone’s wall gives you great exposure for obvious reasons.


3. Sharebar

Sharebar is a fantastic plugin that I’ve only started using recently. In fact I think the whole world just started using this plugin. The plugin is dead simple. It displays a bar on the side of your blog posts with a bunch of share buttons.

It allows visitors to share your posts on their favourite social networks and bookmarking sites. While it does very little, the affect is phenomenal. Ever since I installed the Sharebar my blog’s traffic and social activity has gone right up. Get it, install it and watch the magic happen!


4. Tweet Old Post

I’m not huge on Twitter marketing, I never have been. In fact I don’t even like Twitter and only use it because I know what it can do for my business. I mean even Google has started using Twitter signals in its algorithm, so you’d be stupid not to use Twitter. Before I came across this plugin I was using Twitter to promote my new blog posts.

I had everything setup so whenever I published a post, it would automatically be syndicated onto my Twitter network. I literally forgot about the dozens of older posts I had written that were barely getting any traffic. After I installed this plugin, I saw an instant surge of traffic hit my “elderly” posts. What the heck does this thing do? In a nutshell it automatically syndicates your OLD blog posts onto Twitter pumping them with new links and traffic.

5. WP Syndicator

Now this plugin is completely different to the others I mentioned. What it does is automatically syndicate your new blog posts onto 10+ web2.0 sites. It essentially gives you 10 instant backlinks and shares your posts on Twitter. As of right now, the plugin syndicates your posts onto Blogger, Multiply, Typepad, Friendfeed, Xanga, Tumblr and more. What do I mean by syndicate? Well it takes a snippet of your post and publishes it onto the web2.0 sites with a link back to your post. It also uses your desired keyword as anchor text.

I do advise people to get this plugin, I believe there are now better alternatives that submit to more sites. However I wanted to introduce this idea to everyone. This thing gets you instant backlinks by syndicating your new posts onto web2.0 sites + social networks. Syndicating your content onto web2.0′s and social networks results in rapid search engine rankings and instant traffic. Check the plugin out and if you like it, buy it.


To Your Success,

Rodney Stokes

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