How To Outsource Your SEO For Just $5 Bucks!

I personally love inventing new SEO strategies and coming up with crazy link building tactics.seo fiverr gig

It makes me feel like a sort of mad scientist….

But let’s face it, doing SEO manually is mindbogglingly painful. It makes me tired just thining about it. So it leaves us with three options:

  1. Buy And Use Tools
  2. Employ VA’s To Do The SEO
  3. Outsource The SEO Completely

I used to buy the tools and manually use them myself. Article submitters, spinners, account creators and more. It’s actually a good strategy, using SEO tools; but there was a problem. It took me over three months to start getting results. So if you’re dead broke, have a lot of time on your hands and have virtually no way of making money; it’s your best option.

Option two is employing virtual assistants to either manually do SEO or use the automation tools for you. This is the second best option and offers the most bang for your buck. However it takes a long time to find the right VA’s and when you do find them; training and managing them can be a nightmare.

So that’s option two. Option 3 is outsourcing the work completely to services who use either option one or two. Outsourcing your SEO to services will always cost a lot of money. But thanks to a little site called Fiverr, you can outsource your SEO for pennies on the dollar; literally.

The deal with Fiverr is that users can sell anything for $5.

You’ll find some of the most obscure services on Fiverr, all I’ll say is stick to the SEO/marketing section. There’s some really random shit on there (LOL)! Every service on Fiverr is called a “gig”. You’ll find SEO gigs for $5 that professional services charge $50 for.

Point being; most gigs are bargains! Here are just 5 gigs or “ways” to outsource SEO to fiverr:

1. Facebook Likes

Facebook likes are probably the first thing to outsource on Fiverr. When you create a new Facebook page, getting likes is vital. Facebook likes give your page authority. Facebook likes are a crucial part of social SEO and essential for your own website.

2. Google Plus Ones

If you want to rank really well in the search engines without getting penalized for artifically building links, you need to outsource Google Plus Ones.

G+1′s create a social shield against Google penalties just like every other social signal. Plus ones also act as votes for your site and improve its Google rankings.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is the new kid on the block. Honestly I don’t even understand Pinterest, but you don’t have to in order to take advantage of its authoritative status. Pinterest backlinks are powerful and a great way to diversify your link profile. Start incorporating them into your link building strategy and you’ll be a whole lot better off in a few months.

4. Re-Tweets

Everyone is always talking about the importance of Twitter backlinks. I totally agree, but not in the form of Tweets. After receiving thousands of Tweets, I concluded they weren’t very helpful in directly improving my search engine rankings. While they did send me traffic, the SERP movements were hardly noticeable.

That’s just Tweets, re-Tweets are a completely different story. A re-Tweet is when another Twitter user re-posts your Tweet on his or her account. So by Tweeting a Tweet that includes your URL and having other people re-tweet it; you’re getting these amazing backlinks that act as social proof.

5. Articles

Article marketing has been one of the most powerful SEO strategies since the very beginning. While it has taken a bashing in recent years, article marketing is still an effective link building tactic for adding diversity and volume to your link profile.

That’s it, 5 ways to outsource SEO to Fiver!


To Your Success,

Rodney Stokes


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