How To Steal Subscribers To Build Your Email List!

list buildingOut of all list building strategies, this is probably the easiest. You can literally use this “tactic” to steal other people’s subscribers with their approval. A simple 10 minute negotiation can result in hundreds upon hundreds of subscribers. Best of all – these subscribers are ALL buyers…

…And you know how much buyers are worth right? In theory 1 buyer is worth between 20 and 200 normal subscribers because of the 1% rule. The rule that says a minimum of 1% of your subscribers will buy something, so if you’re converting 1 in 100 subscribers into buyers, 1 buyer is worth 100 normal subscribers. You get the picture…. It’s all about having buyers on your list – people who actually have money and are willing to spend it. (Unlike over 90% of everyone else)

So this strategy is completely free, but there’s a lot of prep work you need to do before implementing it. Seriously though, you’re going to be able to “steal” other marketer’s buyers on autopilot. To make the most of this strategy, you’re going to need an actual product, a sales page and a delivery platform. Creating a product seems impossible to most people, but can be done in 2 weeks with the help of something like Optimize Press.

You’re also going need an OTO (one-time offer) to make it really profitable. With that being said, a simple 25+ page report will do as long as it’s high quality. Let’s say we have an actual product. All we do is give it away as a bonus for other people’s customers. That’s the strategy. We give away our “product” to other’s customers on their product download page. I’m sure when you’ve purchased products before and got to the download page, you’ve been handed all sorts of free bonuses. But in order to download them, you had to at least enter your email right?

Well that’s exactly how you can build a list. By giving away your product to someone else’s customers as a free bonus. All they have to do is enter their email address. It’s a win win situation. The whole point of this strategy is to get buyers on your list.
Here’s a quick example… Let’s say you have a product about Facebook marketing. There are hundreds if not thousands of others selling Facebook marketing products. You would contact them and tell them you have a great product that they could give away as a bonus to their customers.

You just have to tell them how their customers will love them for giving away the product. It should greatly increase customer satisfaction etc etc…. And all they have to do is give them a banner that links to your capture page.

So… other people will buy someone’s product in your niche, get to the download page and see a banner that links to your capture page. When they opt-in, they should be taken to the download page of your product/free report. As I said it’s such a simple strategy, but can be so effective. Just imagine how powerful it could be….

If you had your “bonus” on 25 download pages or relevant products that between them do 100 sales a day. That’s 100 potential subscribers per day on your list. 100 potential buyers. Even if just 10% of people decide to opt in for your bonus that’s 10 subscribers a day, completely passive.

Sure, you’re giving away an actual product; but at the end of the day you’re getting subscribers who have money that they are willing to spend. The cool thing is you can easily monetize these subscribers with your own one time offer. Let’s say you give away a product you previously sold for $45… You could give that away and offer all subscribers a one time offer on your latest product for $10. So as soon as they opt-in for your freebie, you can redirect them to your one-time offer and sell them a cheap product. (Instant monetization  – yes you need a product to do this)

Now you know how the strategy will work, here is a step by step guide:

Step 1: Locate Opportunities

First of all, you need to locate opportunities. You have to find other people in your niche selling products that relate to your own. You have two choices. You can find people currently selling products or you can find people who are about to launch a product.
Both models work well, if you only use this strategy for product launches, you’ll receive a massive influx of subscribers for every one you do. But – the chances are the massive influx will only last a few days.

For example, you could find Warriors on the Warrior Forum who are about to launch their offers. See if they want to offer your product as a bonus to their customers, explain to them that you’ll give them 50-100% commission on any OTO sales and see if they’ll put a banner on their download page (that’s an idea). You can do the same for upcoming Clickbank launches. If you do have a one-time offer then it’s a good idea to offer them commissions on any sales they make.

Option number 2 is locating established products that are making at least weekly sales and getting on their download pages. I actually prefer the passive subscriber model. The massive influx is nice and all, but once you get on enough people’s download pages you’ll be able to build up a nice daily flow of subscribers.

The products you want to find are the ones that are making regular sales, but aren’t that domineering that they’ll reject your offer. A good indicator is traffic. Obviously you should first checkout the sales page and make sure you think it will convert well. If the sales page is good, you just have to check for traffic, a good indicator is its Alexa rank. An Alexa rank is a site’s global rank, literally out of all websites. Anything under 100,000 signifies a lot of traffic. You can check a site’s Alexa by going to and inputting the domain in the site info tab.

Here’s where to find the products:

  3. Go To PayDotCom
  4. Use Google

You can figure it out by your own, using Google is the easiest strategy, just search Google for:

  1. Niche + products
  2. Niche + courses
  3. Niche + training
  4.  Niche + ebooks

Using Google you can easily find lots of products that are selling and you should be able to contact them from there.

Step 2: Contact Product Owners

Pretty simple right? You just need to contact the owners of the products you find and make a proposal to them all. You just have to tell them by giving away a free bonus to their customers, it will greatly increase customer satisfaction and it will make them look good. Make sure you give them access to the product/free report (just brand it as a product) and tell them you previously sold it for $XX.XX. Tell them you’ll give their customers free access, all they have to do is enter their email address.

Step 3: Finalize

If you contact at least 20 marketers, I can almost guarantee you’ll receive several positive replies. Most marketers will want a banner on their download page, not just an opt-in box. It’s best if you setup a capture page and have a banner created that links to that. Also – make sure you setup a dedicated page for each download page. That way you can track which ones are sending you the most traffic and subscribers. If you need to, you can call up the product owners and finalize it over the phone.

That’s it… You can fill in the gaps yourself.

Your banners/links will go live on the download pages, new customers will be clicking through to your opt-in page and joining your list. You’ll even start making immediate money if you redirect new subscribers to a one-time offer after they opt-in.
Taking It A Step Further – use the same strategy  but get on people’s thank you pages. Just a creative strategy that works and few people use.


To Your Success,

Rodney Stokes


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