Shiny Ball Syndrome – The Get Rich Quick Disease

Shiny Ball SyndromeIn this blog post I’m going to be discussing what I like to call shiny ball syndrome. You see, most people who get online in hopes of making some type of money on the Internet often fall into the trap of all of the get rich quick schemes. They get so blinded that when they actually have someone who comes and tells them how to earn a living step-by-step, they don’t believe it because it involves some type of work. The fact of the matter is making money on the Internet is still a business and should be treated like one. It takes work and has a huge learning curve.

There is no such thing as a get rich quick solution to making money on the Internet. The Internet is simply a platform that the average person can use to get involved in sales and marketing. The two key elements you should focus on when you are a newbie are audience and influence. You can have the best offer in the world but if nobody sees it then there’s is no money to be made. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to market and build your audience a.k.a. your list. When you build your list you are creating a asset that you can use and leverage for a long time.

The trick is to create enough value for your audience so that they are constantly looking forward to all of your updates. This is where influence comes into play.

Why Is Opera So Damn Rich?

Lets use Oprah as an example. Oprah can recommend a book to read and within a few days sells will go through the roof by the hundreds of thousands. People feel that she has always delivered extreme amounts of value in the past so whatever she recommends has to be of the same value. The reason why is because she positioned herself as a problem solver to the masses. This is the quickest way to make money in any business that your involved in. If you can find a way to serve the masses, you will be a very, very wealthy person. All she does is simply address problems and provides solutions.

So since we don’t have nearly as big of a marketing budget or resources as she does, the Internet is our platform to serve the masses.  this is why you hear people saying that the money is in your list because your list is your audience. The amount of valuable information, tips, training and strategies you provide will build up your trust and influence with them. I’m sure you have heard that people don’t join businesses but instead they joined other people. While this is very true, people often forget that you must become a person of value before someone decides to join you in anything.  This is why it’s so important to start taking personal development seriously.

Start Building Your Audience & Influence

If you begin to learn, take action and share your results with others, then you will immediately become the leader that they have been searching for. I don’t know about you but I much rather buy a $47 e-book from someone who has mastered Facebook PPC, then to go out and spend a year of my time trying to learn these methods on my own.  Just remember that everyone starts as a consumer because in the beginning you won’t know anything, but eventually you will want to switch over from being a consumer to becoming a creator. This is where the magic happens my friend. So instead of looking to make a fast buck, start researching, mastering your craft, and offering solutions. Below I want to give you a FREE copy of my $47 e-book “List Building Secrets” so that you can learn the blueprints to easily building your audience and influence.

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