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Solo ads are in my opinion, the best way to build a list and drive traffic to your offers. Solo ads are effectively paid endorsements from other email marketers. Solos are emails promoting your list from other lists. Not the best explanation, I know… A solo ad is effectively when you pay another marketer a fixed sum to send an email to his/her list.

The email the list owner sends generally promotes your own list. You can use solo ads to directly drive traffic to your sales pages, but very few solo ad vendors allow it. The normal rule is: you’re only allowed to promote a free download/product via a capture page.

You give away a high quality freebie and in return capture subscribers. So evidently you need the basic list building setup: an autoresponder, a freebie and a capture page. Most marketers never use solo ads to their full capacity. If you’re not making money from your solo ads, you’re doing something wrong. As I mentioned, they’re effectively a list building strategy.

When it comes to list building, the traditional school of thought is “don’t worry about making initial ROI on your new subscribers, because the money is IN the list – don’t worry about selling right away”. In reality, a big percentage of subscribers who buy sometime in their lifespan on your list, will probably buy right away.

This means the people who eventually buy via your follow-up emails, will most likely buy right after joining your list. So you may as well monetize them instantly and recoup the investment you spent on marketing  Email marketers advise not instantly monetizing subscribers because it puts people off.

I’ve found the opposite  If you wait till day 7 or 10 to pitch something  people will buy and it’ll be a “warmer” purchase, however you would have lost a lot of the subscribers who would have bought on day one. That’s just the way it is. If you want to make the most amount of money in the shortest duration of time; monetize instantly.

I take a three step approach to solo ads, solo ads that actually generate positive ROI right away.

Step 1: Setup Your Lead Gen/Sales System

First you need to build your lead generation/sales system. To begin with decide what kind of list you want to build. For example let’s use the Network Marketing niche. I want to hypothetically build a list of subscribers to pitch my opportunity to. Solo ads get subscribers on your list, but they can’t always directly sell your core product/opportunity. The best way to pitch your core product/opportunity is via follow up emails. This is the basic solo ad system:

Written Email Promoting Capture Page ===> Solo Ad

Solo Ad ===> Capture Page

Capture Page ===> One Time Offer

Follow Up Series ===> Core Offer

In order to send a solo ad, you need to provide a solo ad vendor (person with an email list offering to promote your list) with an email. Generally vendors want you to write the email they send their list. Some vendors will write the emails themselves. However the first step is to write a promo email endorsing and promoting your capture page and its free offer.

Write the email as if you are the solo ad vendor.

Next you need a capture page with a high quality free offer. Next you need to setup your one time offer. After someone joins your list, you have an opportunity to get instant return on investment. This works especially well with solo ads.

After someone joins your list, you can redirect them to a “special” one time offer. The one time offer can be any product that is relevant to the free offer that made the subscriber opt-in to your list. For example, you might give away a free list building plugin via the capture page. After people opt-in for the free plugin, you could hit them with a one time offer offering a premium version of the plugin with more features.

One time offers are very self explanatory, the majority of readers will know exactly what I’m talking about. Ideally your OTO should be closely related to your main opportunity/product you want to sell down the line. Although its fundamental role is to recoup some of the money you invested in each solo ad if not produce a profit.

That’s the basic setup of a solo ad lead gen/sales system. One tip: add tracking to all your pages (Google analytics or get clicky).

Step 2: Find Mailing Lists

Step two is finding mailing lists. Finding people with lists who will accept money for a solo. In some niches there are existing lists of solo ad vendors. In the IM niche you have Solo Ad Directory, for other niches use List Finder, a free online tool.

There are various other ways of finding mailing lists. The most obvious is to search for blogs and websites in your niche that are actively building an email list. Contact them and propose a solo ad. Again the process is self explanatory.

Offer them a cash sum in return for a mailing to their list (The general price guideline is between 30 cents and 1 dollar/click). Last option: contact product owners in your niche.

Step 3: Buy Solos And Follow-up

Set aside some cash each week to invest in solo ads. If you do all of the above correctly; you should start seeing a burst in subscribers and sales. Ultimately you need to create a follow up email series promoting your core offer. Your core offer could be a Network Marketing company, an info product, software, a service, anything with a premium price.


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