Top 5 Most Common Sales Copy Mistakes!

Writing sales copy is one of the few skills that is vital to almost every business. If you’re marketing online selling information products; copywriting is an essential skill. The good news is, very few people are good at copywriting.

Even ‘professional’ copywriters make endless mistakes. So I decided to compile a list of the 5 most common sales copy mistakes:

1. A Clever Headline

The headline is by far the most important element of a good sales page. It’s what visitors first see, and what makes them decide whether they’ll read the rest of the sales page or not. A compelling headline should do three things:

  • Build Curiosity
  • Excite
  • Grab Attention

One mistake copywriters make is making their headlines ‘too clever’ for the reader. Headlines should be simple. They either work or they don’t. If your headline works, visitors will go past it and start reading the first paragraph. If the first paragraph is successful, they will read the second. If you have a poor headline or it’s too clever; people may well read the first paragraph – but soon close the page.
Your headline shouldn’t be clever, it should be clear and simple. It should explain exactly what problem your product is going to solve for the reader as well as build some curiosity.

2. Revolving Your Sales Page Around Your Product

Sales pages are designed to sell products, yes; but people don’t buy products. They buy solutions to their problems or desires. Listing endless features of your product is a mistake that will kill your conversions.

You need to sell readers on the benefits of your product, not the actual features or product itself. Focus on the reader’s emotions and feelings, exactly why they need to buy your product (their desired outcome); the product details should only be at the bottom of the page before the call to action.

3. A Crappy Call To Action

No matter how compelling your copy is, you won’t sell anything with a bad call to action. The call to action is the last part of your copy where you tell the reader to pull out their credit card and buy the product.

People writing their own copy are often afraid of asking readers to spend money (as ridiculous as that sounds). Your call to action needs to be strong, and direct. You need to lay out and explain exactly why the reader needs and wants to buy your product.

Precisely why it would be stupid for them not to buy, then re-state what they’ll get. Lastly your call to action should tell the reader directly to ‘buy now’.

4. Not Enough Urgency

Urgency is one of the few major elements of high converting sales copy. If you want people to make a decision, what do you do? You tell them to hurry the hell up and make their decision. Simple right? That’s how we all apply urgency in our daily lives. Telling people straight up to make a decision.

It works the same way in copywriting. If you don’t tell readers to make a decision, right now; they will go home, procrastinate, procrastinate some more until they convince themselves not to buy your product. You want at least 90% of sales to come from first time visitors, not people who’ve read your sales page; thought about it and come back to buy.

The vast majority of people who go away to ‘think about it’ will never buy your product. You need to add a sense of urgency to your sales page.

Say The Offer Will Be Taken Down
Say The Price Will Go Up
Say There Are Limited Copies

Those are the 3 quickest ways to add urgency to your sales page and drive more sales.

5. Not Using Social Proof

Online, social proof is absolutely everything. When you go to the mall to buy a pair of sunglasses, you don’t see a list of testimonials saying how awesome the glasses are. Social proof isn’t very applicable to offline marketing. But online, it means everything. If your sales copy sucks so bad, that your 8 year old daughter wrote it; you could still sell a shit load of copies by using real social proof.

Social proof is the most powerful online selling tool. All a reader wants to know is if the product will work for them, if it will get them the results they so desperately desire. Right? If they see dozens or hundreds of other people with real face giving positive testimonials; they will buy.

They will compare themselves to the people the product worked for and if there’s a testimonial from someone even remotely like them; it will likely push them over the edge to make a decision and buy now.


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