4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Sales Page

If you’re selling some kind of product or service online that you created yourself; the best way to boost sales is to simply increase conversions. Since you’re the owner/creator; you have full control over the sales page, the sales process and the entire marketing funnel.

The simplest and easiest way to increase sales is to improve your sales page. Here are 4 really easy practical ways to improve your sales page right now:


1. Build More Credibility

One of the biggest reasons people don’t buy from you is because they don’t trust you. It’s as simple as that.

On the Internet it’s a huge problem, people still think the Internet is full of scams and people trying to steal your money (which it is no more than the real world).

Now because of this, it’s become very difficult to sell to people unless your name or brand is known. People don’t feel safe entering their credit card details on random websites. The only solution to this is to build more credibility and ultimately more trust. You can do this by:

Adding an ‘About’ page with pictures of your company office (this always works well). When people know you’re running a real business that has a physical office, they tend to trust you a lot more.

List Physical Address – Again, show visitors that there is a real organization behind your site by listing a physical address they can look up.

Show Testimonials from credible people – Any testimonials will improve your sales page and ultimately your conversions. The more ‘credible’ your testimonials the better.

Highlight Your Expertise – What do you know about the problem your prospects are going through? Explain your expertise, highlight it. Have you got a decade of experience? Have you got a team of experts? Are you affiliated with a well known brand or organization?
Avoid Errors At All Costs – Nothing kills credibility more than spelling mistakes, 404 errors and missing pages.

2. Compare Competition

When you come across something online and you’re thinking about purchasing it, what’s the next thing you do? You checkout the competition. Only an idiot buys the first product he comes across. How does your product/service compare to the competition?

If you have a lot of competitors, it’s best to compare your product/service to theirs before your potential customer does. If you display a comparison chart listing the features/benefits of your product/service along side your competitors; you’ll quickly boost your conversion rate.

Even if your product is worse than your competitors; just list a few extra features/benefits (they can be anything) that your product/service has that will make it look better (literally just make something sound awesome even if its not). A comparison chart works well; but it’s a good idea to explain why your product is better with a descriptive comparison. If your product costs twice as much as your competitors; justify that cost.

Adding a comparison chart to your sales page works very well for software products and physical products; outside of the two it’s usually better to add a Product Comparison page to your site. If your product completely sucks, it’s probably best to avoid this strategy and hope your visitors don’t visit any competitors (or otherwise improve your product).

3. Remove All Elements Of Risk

Risk or fear of failure are two of the biggest factors that stop people buying your products. There is risk in every transaction. Normally the risk is put on the buyers and if the risk feels too big; no purchase will take place.

The easiest way to remove all elements of risk is to offer an iron clad guarantee. A 30 day money back guarantee is the industry standard, but you can do better than that. Don’t worry about people asking for refunds.

You’ll always get a bunch of people who try it and say it’s not for them, even if they go through your entire info product or course. There are many people out there who will get a lot of value from your product; but still ask for a refund. It’s best to just refund these people, you don’t want them on your customer list anyway.

4. Fast Action Incentives

Offer visitors incentives to purchase quickly. You can do this in two ways; scarcity and bonuses. There are two types of scarcity, quantity based scarcity and time based. For example, time based scarcity: ‘you have 30 minutes to buy the offer before it gets deleted’, quantity based scarcity: ‘only 2 left at this price’.

The other strategy is to offer ‘fast action bonuses’, for example: ‘people who buy in the next 20 minutes get X, X and X for free. All of these strategies will have a positive impact on your sales page and improve its conversion rate. It all comes down to split-testing the strategies and finding what works best for your audience.

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