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This page contains content and training material that will help you on your journey to becoming a successful Internet Marketer.

  • Rodney’s Top 3 Business Management Tools
    Rodney’s Top 3 Business Management Tools

    These are 3 tools that I use on a daily basic to help completely manage and automate my online business. I am always looking for new ways to protect and scale my business. Tools like these are what get's that done!

  • Facebook Fast Recruiting Course
    Facebook Fast Recruiting Course

    This course was created about 2 years ago but it still holds true to how simple and easy it is to recruit like crazy using Facebook. This method literally takes no more then 30 minutes per day but it is extremely effective and will grow your business if you consistently stick with it. If you are shy about doing this method on your personal Facebook page, just create a separate page just for business and you will love the results you see!

  • Think & Grow Rich Audio Book
    Think & Grow Rich Audio Book

    Here is a gift for the group for being apart of the Mindless Marketing community. One of the classic personal development books. Think and Grow Rich by - Napoleon Hill

  • 87 Point Sales Page Checklist
    87 Point Sales Page Checklist

    This PDF has been responsible for at least 100k in my business over the past 12 months. It's a 87 Point Checklist that I use before I write a single piece of copy or make any sales videos. Be sure to save this, go through each step and check off each point before you create your sales funnel for your next or first product.

  • List Building Secrets
    List Building Secrets

    This is a revised version of a eBook I wrote back in 2013 on how to successfully list build online in a way that will make your ad spend disappear, allowing you to build a list of thousands of subscribers for absolutely free!

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